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Your own custom apps

    Let's check how much your web apps could cost you with this pricing simulation tool.
    Data Quota
    File Storage
    Users Sessions
    per month

    So that you don’t get lost in all the terms, like Data Points and User Sessions, let's check their definitions in our systems.

    • A Data Point is one value. For example, if you were to hold your entire database in a spreadsheet, one cell of your spreadsheet is one Data Point.
    • User Sessions typically refer to the number of users that can be connected in parallel to the applications you create. Users who have exceeded their quota will have to wait for somebody to disconnect from the application in order to be able to access the application. This way of counting allows you to have accounts for people using your app punctually without having to pay for each user. (Just to be clear, if one user account connects twice to the same app, it still counts as two connections!)

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

    Note: Plans are applied on a monthly basis. If you upgrade, the remaining time left on your current plan will be credited to your account toward your new plan. If you downgrade your plan, the new plan will be put in the application at the end of the current month-long period of your current plan. Options will be applied to your plans following the same period of time. Options subscribed before the renewal period will be charged at the pro rata of the time remaining until your next renewal. There are no minimum contracts. You pay only what you subscribe to and you can close your apps and organization accounts to leave whenever you want, provided the subscription period of your customers to the products you are selling through our platform is finished.

    Self hosting

    Setup Package

    • Off-the-shelf packaging the software
    • 8 hours remote assistance with setting up your own servers

    You will need to bring your own infrastructure and engineers to set up a minimum of 5 server (or more depending on the volume of connections you are expecting): MongoDB server and replica set, main NodeJS/MeteorJS server, high volume file storage server and backup server. For better resilience, we recommend a second backup server in a distant location. Server software is provided as Docker containers. This package does not include any custom development, special requests or features.

    Yearly Licence

    • Software licence to use "Simitless-at-home" on your own servers for a year
    • Security and features update for the year
    • 12 hours remote assistance with using the software at any point during the year

    We do not apply minimum contracts so you can leave at any time. All amounts paid are non-refundable once the order is validated. Delivery of the software package is performed upon successful payment of the licence fee. The Setup Package is mandatory for initial setup. The Yearly Licence period runs from the delivery date of the installation package to your engineering team and is due every year after that.

    Additional support packages can be made available to suit your needs. Contact us with more information on what you need!

    Contact us, let us know your needs!

    Data app & Intelligence access resale

    And one of the exciting features of the Simitless platform is that you can start selling your information product directly via Simitless marketplace! Have a look at what Simitless takes care of for you and what you can sell!

    • Capitalize on your expertize!

      30 % *

      Sell the result of your expertise through the Simitless platform

      The easy way to sell and capitalize on your expertise on-line.

      Create your own information service in minutes and start subscribing users to earn money. This is a perfect tool to bring additional revenue for consultants, recognised industry experts, independent Market Intelligence providers, etc...

      Simitless handles for you

      • credit card payment
      • digital delivery
      • EU VAT compliance
      • web page (landing page)
      • infrastructure (servers)
      • scaling, availability
      • web security

      Your Products could include

      • open and secure data
      • dashboards
      • graphs analyses
      • database access
      • information products
      • subscriptions
      • etc...